Cedar Fence Beginnings

I got my first 6 boards up on my cedar fence today.  Woo hoo!

Those boards are rough sawn from a cedar log with my Logosol Big Mill Basic and cut to length and dog eared with my new Hitachi 10″ Miter Saw.  The miter saw made cutting the fence a lot of fun and I have no regrets on the purchase.

Cedar Fence Chainsaw Milled

I’ve still got video to film of making this fence to stay tuned to the CTScaper YouTube Channel.


I’m almost done splitting my wood pile.  I’m down to the giant rounds I put off to the end.

Log Pile with Noodles Surrounding It

When handling giant rounds I use a technique known as noodling where you use your chainsaw and cut with the grain of the wood.  The result is long strands of sawdust that look like noodles.

Below are the results of my work.  Manageable pieces of wood ready to be split.

Results of Noodling - Manageable Logs Ready for Splitting

This video shows how I noodle.