How do You Keep a Holz Hausen Dry?

Once you crack the roof on your Holz Hausen wood pile water will find a way in.  So how do you keep the wood in your Holz Hausen dry when you take it apart?

It’s simple.  You cover the pile with a tarp.  Preferably not a gaudy blue tarp like I used before last nights rain.   I prefer a brown tarp that blends with the surroundings.

Holz Hausen dry Covered with Tarp
The white spots on the tarp is sleet from the previous nights wintry mix. I hastily covered my Holz Hausen before the rain began.

I admit I’m not a fan of rolling up a tarp every time I need firewood.  I’m also not a fan of moving wood twice.  I’m going to keep the wood in my dry Holz Hausen right where it is until I need it to heat the house.