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John and Holzhausen wood pile

Why did I create SawsandSplitters.com?

I enjoy chainsaws and log splitters and I think there are a lot of other people who do to. People like you.

I own four chainsaws; a Stihl 020, 036, 046 and 066.  I use the 020 mostly for pruning and trimming branches.  The 036 is a great saw for cutting firewood.  The 046 is light enough to use as a firewood saw with the power to run a longer bar.  I bought the 066 for milling.

I purchased a logosol timberjig a and upgraded to a logosol big mill basic two years later.  Chainsaw milling is a lot of fun.  It’s fascinating to see how lumber is made.  Milling is also a great workout.

Logosol Big Mill Basic Log Table1920 x 1080 px
The Logosol Big Mill Basic can be mounted in a fixed position for more precise and quicker results. I built a log table to keep the work at a comfortable height.

I started splitting wood with a 12 lb all steel monster maul.  I upgraded to an ames super splitter and now use a Wetterlings splitting maul.  I split a lot of wood by hand but I use a log splitter when my body needs a break.  I have a Timberwolf TW-P1 log splitter.

My goal is to share information, pictures and videos about chainsaws and log splitters.  We’ll talk about sharpening chainsaws, types of chainsaw chains and maintaining chainsaws.  Anything that involves cutting or splitting wood.

There are some great videos about chainsaws and log splitters.  I’d like to highlight some of the great ones for you.

If you are a chainsaws and wood splitting enthusiast this is the place for you.

Chainsaws and log splitters are extremely dangerous pieces of equipment.  All content on this website is my opinion.  Consult your user and safety manual before attempting anything on this website.  Your safety is your responsibility.

6 thoughts on “About SawsandSplitters.com”

    1. I haven’t done much with the lumber I’ve milled yet.

      Right now I have about 25 boards sitting under a piece of plywood in my yard that are drying. I have the pieces from the first series I made. Some ash, some cherry and a little pine. I also have some red oak I milled last summer.

      Truth be told I’m not much of a wood worker. I’d like to build some stuff out of the rough lumber like a box for firewood storage and a holder to keep some of my equipment off the ground. It’s still in the dream stages so far.

      I was looking at a jointer last week. That would be the first step to any finished indoor projects followed by a thickness planer.

      Thanks for visiting.

  1. Great site John!!! I look forward to more in the future. It contains all of my favorite things, and having seen all your vids on Youtube I feel as tho I know you. I have an MS200T and a MS341 along with a host of other Stihl power tools and hand tools. I split with a PA80 maul for fun and when I need more power my FIL has a 3 point hitch mount splitter for his 90hp John Deere. Chainsaw milling is on my short list but I haven’t got to it yet

    1. Thanks Mark. I have an addiction to Saws and Splitters and it’s good to know there’s at least two of us. I’m looking forward to developing the site.

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