What It’s All About

I walked by the wood stove today and something captivated me.

Yes, most of my blog posts are about sharpening chainsaws, cutting firewood, splitting firewood and stacking firewood.  But that’s just a means to and end.

The reason I do all the work is for what you see in the picture above.

What do I see?

  1. Self Sufficiency.  A wood stove heating a house with no reliance on big oil, big gas or big electricity.
  2. A clothes dryer.
  3. A clothes warmer.  Have you ever put on a coat or pair of shoes that was lying in front of a wood stove.  No matter how cold it is outside you carry that heat with you while transitioning from indoors to out.
  4. A peaceful place.  Who doesn’t relax when seated in front of a fire?

What do you see when you look at a wood stove?