What It’s All About

Dog by Wood Stove

I walked by the wood stove today and something captivated me.

Yes, most of my blog posts are about sharpening chainsaws, cutting firewood, splitting firewood and stacking firewood.  But that’s just a means to and end.

The reason I do all the work is for what you see in the picture above.

What do I see?

  1. Self Sufficiency.  A wood stove heating a house with no reliance on big oil, big gas or big electricity.
  2. A clothes dryer.
  3. A clothes warmer.  Have you ever put on a coat or pair of shoes that was lying in front of a wood stove.  No matter how cold it is outside you carry that heat with you while transitioning from indoors to out.
  4. A peaceful place.  Who doesn’t relax when seated in front of a fire?

What do you see when you look at a wood stove?


Author: John Holden

I'm a chainsaw, chainsaw mill, log splitter, axe and outdoor fanatic. I purchased a my first chainsaw, a Stihl 020, in 1992. I've added a Stihl 036 and Stihl 046 to my collection. I split wood with a Wetterlings Splitting Maul and Ames Super Splitter. When my body's had enough I use a Timberwolf TW-P1 log splitter. I use a Logosol Big Mill basic and Timberjig to mill lumber. I stack firewood in Holzhausen round wood piles.

6 thoughts on “What It’s All About”

  1. Hi John, happy new year!!. For me it’s more about what I don’t see or hear – it brings me back to a simpler time. It’s like being in my forge. No news, politics, or commercials pushing the latest things to buy. No local or world tragedies unfolding. It makes all the previous work – worth while…

  2. What do I see when you look at a wood stove?
    Natures television 😉
    Forecast to be over 40 degrees Celsius down here today. Total fire ban. Ah to be on the other side of the world.

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