Chainsaw Files

Chainsaw Sharpening Files

Keep extra files on hand so you won’t have to drive 20 miles for more in the middle of a job.   Change your file when it starts to slide across the teeth.  A dull file slips and you don’t want your hand slipping across the teeth of a chainsaw.

Change your file sooner than later.  A dull file is more work and more dangerous.

Some experienced hand filers, myself included, use the next smaller file halfway through the tooth to keep a nice hook.

Keep the gullet of the tooth clean when filing.

There are 4 common sizes of chainsaw files 7/32, 13/64, 3/16 and 5/32.

The box your chain came in will tell you what size file you need.

7/32″ Chainsaw Files

13/64″ Chainsaw Files

3/16″ Chainsaw Files


5/32″ Chainsaw Files

Depth Gauge Files