Cedar Fence Beginnings

Cedar Fence Chainsaw Milled 2

I got my first 6 boards up on my cedar fence today.  Woo hoo!

Those boards are rough sawn from a cedar log with my Logosol Big Mill Basic and cut to length and dog eared with my new Hitachi 10″ Miter Saw.  The miter saw made cutting the fence a lot of fun and I have no regrets on the purchase.

Cedar Fence Chainsaw Milled

I’ve still got video to film of making this fence to stay tuned to the CTScaper YouTube Channel.

Author: John Holden

I'm a chainsaw, chainsaw mill, log splitter, axe and outdoor fanatic. I purchased a my first chainsaw, a Stihl 020, in 1992. I've added a Stihl 036 and Stihl 046 to my collection. I split wood with a Wetterlings Splitting Maul and Ames Super Splitter. When my body's had enough I use a Timberwolf TW-P1 log splitter. I use a Logosol Big Mill basic and Timberjig to mill lumber. I stack firewood in Holzhausen round wood piles.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Fence Beginnings”

  1. Hi John autumn down here in oz. It was very cold last Monday with wind and rain. I spent some time (between working outside) looking at firewood videos on YouTube. There seems so many more today than there was back in 2014. Have you ever thought of using your boards to make a wood storage shed? I guess the fence takes priority. Have a good Easter with your kids.

    1. A wood storage shed or firewood storage shed would be a great project. I just have to mill a lot more lumber.

      YouTube is becoming saturated with people with similar interests posting what seems like the same video again and again. It’s great that so much information is out there but it has led to less views of my content. I can’t do much more than put my best foot forward and try to make videos people enjoy watching.

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