What’s in a File Handle?

Chainsaw Sharpening Files

Last week I tried a new file handle for sharpening my chainsaw.  I didn’t like it.  The handle was flat and I held the file only one way because it felt ‘right’.  I ended up filing every tooth with the same part of the file and quickly dulled the it.

Chainsaw Sharpening File Handles
The blue file handle on the left is not recommended for chainsaw teeth.  Because of the oblong shape you hold the file one way and quickly dull it.

I like big fat round file handles for chainsaw teeth.  I grip narrow file handles too tightly.  The tighter I grip the quicker my hand tires.

My preferred file handle is the Oregon file handle in the picture above.  It’s the fattest I can find.

A few years back I got a deal on Pferd wooden file handles.  They’re a little skinny for my taste but I use them because I don’t want to waste money.

File Handle Box
My file handle collection. I’ve tried many searching for the best handle and I like Oregon wood file handles the best.

I prefer wooden file handles because I like how they feel in my hands compared to slippery plastic.

Author: John Holden

I'm a chainsaw, chainsaw mill, log splitter, axe and outdoor fanatic. I purchased a my first chainsaw, a Stihl 020, in 1992. I've added a Stihl 036 and Stihl 046 to my collection. I split wood with a Wetterlings Splitting Maul and Ames Super Splitter. When my body's had enough I use a Timberwolf TW-P1 log splitter. I use a Logosol Big Mill basic and Timberjig to mill lumber. I stack firewood in Holzhausen round wood piles.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a File Handle?”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I prefer unfinished wood handles. The Pferd being my favorite, but the wooden Oregon is a close second.
    You are correct, the plastic ones just don’t feel right. I have a plastic Husqvarna on that has a good catch for the files, but I rarely use it because it doesn’t “feel” good in my hand.

    Take care!

    1. The Pferd and Oregon wood handles are very close but every time I pick up the Oregon I notice the larger diameter and I like it. I’d love to cut a branch, whittle it with a pocket knife and drill a hole for the file handle. That would be cool/fun!

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