Splitting White Oak Firewood

I got out for 3 1/2 hours today and worked on splitting White Oak logs I got about 3 years ago.  It was a crisp morning, in the high teens.

After a few hours I felt a calmness.  This mornings splitting reminded me how good we feel when we persevere.  I came close to calling it quits after a half hour because of the cold.

There used to be four White Oak logs.  I’m down to one more log to split.

Log Splitting Tools

My wood shed hoop house is full so I made the pile nearby.  In the next week or two I’m going to to lengthen the shed 10 feet to give me plenty of dry storage.  I want to have enough dry storage to keep a season worth of wood.

Wood Shed Hoop House Ready for Expansion

There’s plenty to go when I finish but progress is progress.

Red Oak rounds ready to be split

Author: John Holden

I'm a chainsaw, chainsaw mill, log splitter, axe and outdoor fanatic. I purchased a my first chainsaw, a Stihl 020, in 1992. I've added a Stihl 036 and Stihl 046 to my collection. I split wood with a Wetterlings Splitting Maul and Ames Super Splitter. When my body's had enough I use a Timberwolf TW-P1 log splitter. I use a Logosol Big Mill basic and Timberjig to mill lumber. I stack firewood in Holzhausen round wood piles.

6 thoughts on “Splitting White Oak Firewood”

  1. Hi John
    Looks like your having fun. Moving hay about down here.
    Not much time to edit video.
    I hand split a bit the other day just for the exercise.
    Now I have a sore back. 😉
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Sometimes I have to force myself outside. This was one of those days. Our bodies won’t let us do what they used to and I don’t like it!

  2. sounds very relaxing, theirs nothing like splittin wood in the cold haha, thanks for the update I think ill get out tomorrow to sharpen the saw and cut some wood as well.

  3. I am somewhat new to your YouTube channel and have only recently looked through your website. I have to say, I truly enjoy your chainsaw and firewood videos. I grew up helping cut and split firewood at around age 8 for my grandparents, who heated with wood at the time. Now 27, my father and I still share those great times as much as possible, as he enjoys a wood fireplace. We cut and split almost every weekend when temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. My wife purchased me a Stihl MS362CM and I love it. She often says I love the saw more than her, as I pamper it after each use. Being sure to clean every nook and cranny and keeping it in tip top shape. I’m learning to hand sharpen and have learned lots of great tips from your videos. I can relate when you say there’s nothing better than a good saw in your hands on a cool crisp day. Nothing beats the smell of a two stroke saw in the cold outdoors. I just moved in to a house with my wife, and my number one priority was to have a wood fired stove or fireplace. Well the house has a old ‘Earth Stove’ that I cannot wait to try out. I’m sure it’s not as efficient as today’s EPA regulated stoves, but it sure looks awesome. Enough rambling for me! I hope you enjoy this brief story as much as I enjoy watching yours. Happy Cutting and Splitting from Nebraska!

    1. Mike, That MS362 is a sweet firewood saw and a beast! It’s a few models after my 036 but a very similar saw in the end. Hand sharpening is a great skill to know and fun, and challenging, to learn. Once you start telling people you know how to hand file they’ll see you in a whole new light. I have a non epa stove and it heats just as well as the newer ones but needs to be fed more often. If you love splitting wood that’s not a big deal because you’ll have plenty of wood anyway. Thanks for visiting the site and talking about what we love. Sharp chainsaws and hot stoves!

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