How do You Keep a Holz Hausen Dry?

Once you crack the roof on your Holz Hausen wood pile water will find a way in.  So how do you keep the wood in your Holz Hausen dry when you take it apart?

It’s simple.  You cover the pile with a tarp.  Preferably not a gaudy blue tarp like I used before last nights rain.   I prefer a brown tarp that blends with the surroundings.

Holz Hausen dry Covered with Tarp
The white spots on the tarp is sleet from the previous nights wintry mix. I hastily covered my Holz Hausen before the rain began.

I admit I’m not a fan of rolling up a tarp every time I need firewood.  I’m also not a fan of moving wood twice.  I’m going to keep the wood in my dry Holz Hausen right where it is until I need it to heat the house.


Wetterlings Splitting Maul Frosty Morning

When I walked out this morning to get an armload of firewood and my Wetterlings Splitting Maul was glistening in the sun.

Wood Splitting Area

The picture above shows my wood splitting efforts this fall.  While you see a log splitter in the picture I haven’t used it yet this fall.  I enjoy splitting wood with my Wetterlings Splitting Maul and frankly my body and mind need the exercise.

The wood pile in the lower right is wood that is dry and RTB (Ready to Burn).  The pile behind the splitting tire is for next season.

The mountain at the back of the picture is ground up bark and sawdust.  I run the bark and sawdust through the chipper shredder to use for mulch around the yard.

If you’d like to know more about my Wetterlings Splitting Maul please watch the video below.  I’ve been using the Maul exclusively since I got it.