2018 Season Opener

Last weekend I went to the dump and spotted some beautiful Oak rounds.  I pulled my truck over and grabbed what I could before anyone else.

After a couple hours of splitting I amassed the start of next years wood pile.

Fresh Split Oak Firewood

Here’s my woodshed hoop house.  I hope to extend this side of the shed another 10 feet over the winter so I can store an entire seasons worth of wood where it will stay dry.  The shed is racked a bit but it still does the job.

Wood Shed Hoop House

This pile needs to be split for the second half of the winter.  I cut this wood last winter so it’s seasoned but still a little wet.

Oak Logs Seasoned and Ready to Split

I have this pile of logs left to cut.  This wood has been sitting for a couple years.  It will need a month or two after I cut and split it to dry.

Logs to be Cut for Firewood

These branches are from from my property.  In May we had something called a Macroburst which knocked down a lot of branches.  I’m hoping to purchase and review a Makita battery chainsaw to cut this pile.

Maple Branches Ready to Cut For Firewood

I’ve been putting dry branches on top of my log table for storage so I can use them as kindling.  It keeps me from having to bend over a second time and they stay off the ground.

Kindling Pile on Top of Log Table

If you don’t have a splitting tire I recommend you find one.  Using a tire to split firewood was a huge game changer for me.

Fresh Firewood Splits in the Splitting Tire

The seasoned wood in front of the wheelbarrow is for this year.  I won’t have enough wood unless I finish splitting the pile at the back of the picture.

Saws and Splitters Wood Pile

Thank you all for your support on SawsandSplitters.com and the CTSCaper YouTube Channel.  

Splitting White Oak Firewood

I got out for 3 1/2 hours today and worked on splitting White Oak logs I got about 3 years ago.  It was a crisp morning, in the high teens.

After a few hours I felt a calmness.  This mornings splitting reminded me how good we feel when we persevere.  I came close to calling it quits after a half hour because of the cold.

There used to be four White Oak logs.  I’m down to one more log to split.

Log Splitting Tools

My wood shed hoop house is full so I made the pile nearby.  In the next week or two I’m going to to lengthen the shed 10 feet to give me plenty of dry storage.  I want to have enough dry storage to keep a season worth of wood.

Wood Shed Hoop House Ready for Expansion

There’s plenty to go when I finish but progress is progress.

Red Oak rounds ready to be split