Holz Hausen Wood Pile Results

The past couple months I’ve been building my second holz hausen wood pile.  I built this one 10′ in diameter.  Actually, the holz hausen wood pile ended up about 11′ in diameter.

Twin holz hausen wood piles
The blurry wood to the right is my first holz hausen wood pile. The pile in the distance is my second wood pile.

I made a tunnel between the two holz hausen wood piles.  First, I placed two pieces of chainsaw milled lumber across the two piles.  I made sure they were level and stable and over my head.

I covered the planks with the bark covered waste from chainsaw milling.

Chainsaw milled lumber holding up the roof of the tunnel
The tunnel adds style to my holz hausen wood piles.

I thought I was building my holz hausen wood piles for firewood to burn this year.  After seeing the results I’ll be keeping the two piles up as long as I can before I burn them.

They’re too pretty to burn.

Fresh snow on the holz hausen wood pile
Fresh snow on the holz hausen wood pile.


Holz Hausen Wood Pile Video

Here’s a very excited me showing my creation.